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We help you produce highly engaging media that transform lives & turns your message into a movement.

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1. The Art of Binge-Worthy Courses

Learn the art of crafting highly engaging courses, thriving communities and transformational learning experiences online in our free mini-course.

2. The "Going Mighty" Course

Building a community on Mighty Networks is like throwing a party. In this free course, you will learn everything you need to know about strategizing, setting up, monetizing, automating and growing your Mighty Network.

3. Education, Inspiration and Community

Nobody does online education like we do. By merging creativity, entertainment, storytelling, gamification, social media & technology, we are going to train you to become an unstoppable force for good on the internet. Are you ready?

4. Our Library of Binge-Worthy Courses

We help teachers teach better online. Here at Majik Media, we offer a fine selection of binge-worthy courses that we, our clients and students have produced in the topics of business, creativity & personal transformation.

5. Opportunity to Join the eCourse Games

We have transformed course creation into a SPORT where eLearning athletes like you compete in the ultimate course creation contest -- for CASH prizes!

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